5 Ways to Protect Your Dog This Summer

5 Ways to Protect Your Dog This Summer

Dogs love summer fun as much as their humans! They will keep going and going even beyond their safe limits to stay by our side. Remember, they need extra care to be safe when the temperature rises. Follow these 5 summer dog safety tips from your Edmond veterinarian and have a super summer:

1. Never Leave Your Dog in a Parked Car

Never leave any living creature in a parked car on a sunny day. Even after 30 minutes at just 70 degrees, the temperature inside the car can go to 104 degrees! With a fur coat on, this is a recipe for deadly heat stroke.

2. Take Morning or Evening Walks

Walking in the hot summer sun can overheat your dog, and short-haired, dogs with pale fur and skin on noses can suffer from a painful sunburn, with all its health dangers. Certain sunscreens are safe for dogs, but please talk with our veterinarian before using sunscreen—some are very toxic.

Also avoid walking on hot pavement—this can burn your dog’s sensitive toe pads. Walk earlier in the morning, or after the sun goes down in the evening. If you must be out with your dog during the day, opt for grassy, shady areas. Always check the pads of your dogs’ feet after a walk. It’s important to make certain they haven’t been injured by glass, sticks or other foreign bodies.

3. Keep Your Dog Well Hydrated

Make sure your dog has constant access to fresh, cool water and shade. Dogs can get dehydrated quickly, which can cause severe health problems. If you’re concerned about heat stroke or dehydration with your dog, call our veterinary clinic immediately.

Dog Playing in Water

4. Supervise Dogs Around Water

Swimming is a great way for dogs to stay cool on hot days, but not all dogs are good swimmers, and drowning can happen even in a kiddie pool. So always supervise dogs around lakes, rivers and pools, and know your dog’s limits.

5. Continue with the Heartworm, Flea & Tick Prevention

If you and your dog spend a lot of time outdoors—or even a few minutes sniffing around the yard—make sure to do a daily tick check on your dog and immediately remove any ticks you find. Areas where tick commonly show themselves first are between the toes, along the belly and in the face of your dog.

Also make sure to keep your dog on his or her regular dosage of flea, tick and heartworm prevention medication to keep your pet from getting any insect-borne diseases. If you have questions about dosages or brands, talk with our veterinarian.

If you’ve got an exciting summer planned and need personalized care or advice about how to enjoy this summer safely with your dog, please schedule an appointment with Sunset Veterinary Clinic today: (405) 844-2888.

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