5 Ways to Make a Small Apartment More Fun for a Cat

Ways to Make a Small Apartment More Fun for a Cat

Many cat lovers living in a small apartment may often be in a dilemma regarding whether to bring the cat home. Lack of space and of course you not being around all day causes boredom in cats. They will act more aggressively and develop certain behaviors like waking you at night. However, there are simple tricks to turn your small space into an exciting domain for your furry friend. The following methods are simple DIY’s which are cost efficient, and though they will bring simple adjustments to your apartment, your cat will be quite grateful.

Climbing Post

Install a post and wrap it up with thick sisal, to help your cat sharpen its claws and prevent your furniture from getting claw marks. Scratchers can also be bought and hung on the door. In addition, the post will also give the cat an elevated view of the apartment, enable it to show off its climbing skills, therefore, keep it entertained.

Secret Hideout

Cats love hiding games. Since the space under your bed usually goes unused, placing a rag under the bed will act as a hiding spot. In addition, purchasing a closet sleeper will excite your cat as we all know cats love cabinets, plus it will save on space.

Invest in Shelves

Installing simple shelves up to the height of your apartment is an excellent way to help cats connect with their instincts of climbing trees. The shelves can also act as a feeding station, so you don’t have to step on your cats’ food anymore. Also, you can put up some stuffed toys on the shelves for the cat to play with. Since cats love particular types of plants like wheatgrass, the shelves could be a perfect place to put the pot.

Survey Area

Creating a window seat can be of great help, enabling your cat to have a view of the beautiful sunrise and sunset, or watch birds as they fly. The window seat should be comfortable, and ensure to add a blanket when winter approaches.

Desk Add-on

Just place an add-on to your desk so that your cat can keep you company as you work.

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