5 Warning Signs Your Pet is in Pain

Dog In Pain
Although our beloved pets can’t speak the same verbal languages we humans speak, they can still communicate their feelings in a variety of ways: behavior, physical movement, energy levels and that indefinable heart-to-heart connection we have with our pets. It’s especially important to recognize signs that your pet is in pain so that you can get veterinary care quickly. If your pet exhibits any of these pain symptoms, contact Sunset Veterinary Clinic right away at (405) 844-2888.

1. Behavioral and Energy Level Changes

If your pet’s normal activity levels change, they could be in pain. For example, a normally mellow cat may become restless and easily irritated. A normally energetic dog may become lethargic, sleep more often and not want to engage in normal play. Also, a usually friendly pet may suddenly become aggressive when approached or avoid regular social contact. You know your pet best; if he or she starts behaving differently, this may be one of their ways to communicate that they don’t feel well and need help.

2. Difficulty Moving

If your pet is suddenly limping, struggling to stand up, not jumping up on things, or climbing stairs as usual, there may be some pain occurring. Sometimes, you can isolate the general area of the pain by how your pet limps or if they avoid putting weight on a limb, but other signs may be subtle and difficult to isolate. Also, if they struggle to get comfortable when sitting or lying down, that can be another indication of pain.

3. Changes in Appetite or Weight

When a pet seems to lose the desire to eat or drink or has any other change in appetite, he or she may hurt. Also watch if a pet suddenly starts losing weight. Pets with dental or gastrointestinal problems frequently experience a loss of appetite because eating hurts.

4. Physical Abnormalities

Note any swelling, changes in posture when standing or sitting, and any sores the pet may have. Excess drooling, panting, eye or nose discharge, and any change in regular “bathroom” behavior and output can also signal problems.

5. Excessive Biting or Licking of Body Parts

Pets in pain may lick or chew at the affected body part in order to get some relief. Often, this can lead to raw skin, increased irritation or infection.

If you think your pet is in pain, even if you’re not sure, do not hesitate to contact Sunset Veterinary Clinic so we can help: (405) 844-2888. It’s better to err on the side of caution than let your pet suffer.

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