5 Steps to Pool Safety for Dogs and Cats

Dog Swimming in Pool

Being safe around pools should be a concern for everyone – toddlers, kids, adults, and pets.

But what exactly do you need to know about keeping your dogs and cats safe near the pool?

Just follow these 5 safety steps:

1. Teach your pet to swim!

The best way to avoid a terrible accident with your pet near a pool is to ensure that they know how to swim. And no, contrary to popular belief, not all dogs can swim. In fact, Bulldogs usually sink like stones.

The same goes for cats. While all cats should be able to instinctively swim, some may struggle or become confused and could drown.

Fortunately, you can teach an old (or young) dog (or cat) new tricks. Either teach them to swim yourself or consider hiring someone to do it for you.

2. Keep your pets away from the pool.

If you don’t have time for swimming lessons, the next best thing is simply to keep your pets away from your pool with fences, doors, or other barriers.


3. Monitor your pets whenever they’re near the pool.

If you don’t want to force your pets away while the whole family is at the pool, you can also just make sure to closely monitor them whenever they’re near the water.

4. Make sure they have an exit.

If your pet were to fall in, keep in mind that they won’t instinctively know to go to the steps if you have them. Having an easily usable ramp is a much better idea.

5. Set up an alarm system.

Finally, have an alarm system installed on your pool. This will send out a loud signal if any object over 17 pounds falls in.

Ask the Vet!

There are other concerns where your pets and the pool are concerned as well.

In particular, does your pet suffer from chronic skin conditions, ear infections, or other medical conditions that worry you?

If so, it’s a good idea to speak with a vet before hitting pool time full force this summer. Any of our highly-qualified veterinarians at Sunset Veterinarian Clinic would be happy to speak with you about pool safety and health concerns. Simply give us a call and book your pet an appointment today!

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