5+ DIY Pet Halloween Costume Ideas

Dog in Ghost Costume
At Sunset Veterinary Clinic, we are crazy about pet Halloween costumes! If you want to DIY one for your pet, here are some ideas you can try with a little felt, pipe cleaner, tulle, hot glue and imagination! Just keep the glue gun away from your pets!

1. Food Costumes for Pets

You can do the classic “hot dog” or even use felt to make a taco, bacon, popcorn or pizza costume! Don’t forget doughnuts, Twinkies or cupcakes!
Dog in Hot Dog Costume

Hot diggity dog!


2. Pets Play Other Animals

Help your cat channel his inner lion, or your dog’s inner bumblebee. Remember that dog who dressed as a huge spider? You could even do a praying mantis, a bat, an octopus, a dinosaur, a fish or a lizard!
Dog in Bumble Bee Costume

Bumble BOO!


3. Star Wars!

Pets across the galaxy love Chewbacca. A Pekinese Princess Leia with buns made out of yarn stuck to a headband? Yes please. Rey? Luke? Finn? Han Solo? Greedo? Boba Fett? Darth Vader? Jabba? Yoda? The force is strong with your pet!
Cat Dressed As Yoda

Give me treats you must!


4. Visit the “Hairy” Potter Universe

Bend some pipe cleaners into glasses and a little lightning scar with a cute Gryffindor scarf and you’ve got Mr. Potter! There are so many Fantastic Beasts in this magical universe that all you have to do is pick your favorite one.
Dog Dressed As Hairy Potter

I’m Hairy Potter!


5. Is Your Pet a Superhero?

Duh! They all are! Whether you’re an Avengers fan or you’re more into Wonder Woman, Spidey, Batman or Superman, there are a ton of costume possibilities here.
Dog Dressed As Underdog

Underdog for Halloween!

Consider costumes from your favorite Pixar flicks, book characters and other heroes and please, send us pictures of your pet’s DIY Halloween costumes!

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