5 BIG Dog Breeds That Think They Are Lap Dogs

Irish Wolfhound
Think tiny dogs are the only ones that like to snuggle? Think again! These 5 BIG dog breeds adore getting up close and personal with their human friends.

1. Great Danes

Originally bred in Germany, Great Danes are notoriously huge and imposing. In reality, though, Great Danes are simultaneously known as the “gentle giants” of the canine world. They’re super social and get along swimmingly with children and adults alike. Just make sure to invest some time in proper training.
Bernese Mountain Dog

2. Bernese Mountain Dogs

Bred as farm dogs, Bernese Mountain pups know how to drive cattle, guard, and even act as “donkeys” for heavy carts. But don’t assume they’re “all work work and no play.” Berners love snuggling up and making friends. They’re awesome for families and even better if you like a warm heater at the end of your bed on cool nights.
Mastiff Dog

3. Mastiffs

A mastiff is at first imposing (and maybe a bit intimidating), but don’t let their mug scare you. Mastiffs can be super warm and friendly — especially if they know you. Plus, they’ll quickly warm up to strangers.
Newfoundland Dog

4. Newfoundlands

Newfoundlands were originally bred as water rescue dogs (and they still serve this purpose in some parts of the world). These dogs are especially tranquil and gentle, perfect for a pillow on a rainy afternoon. They love to be friendly and affectionate with everyone and are great for kids.
Irish Wolfhound Dog

5. Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound is a gentle giant. In the past, the Irish Wolfhound was prized as a hunter, but now they are cherished for their sweet temperament and companionship. How big are they? The Irish Wolfhound is the tallest of all dog breeds. If an Irish Wolfhound stands on his hind legs, it may be as much as 7-feet tall.

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