4 Mistakes Cat Owners Sometimes Make

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Bringing home a new kitty is a big decision. Cats have the reputation of being independent and low maintenance in comparison to dogs, but they still require time, effort, care, and money. And it’s not unusual to make a mistake or two while caring for them.

4 Mistakes Cat Owners Sometimes Make

1) Not Understanding the Commitment

Taking care of a cat means added responsibilities. First, as a cat parent, you will have additional expenses by way of cat food, kitty litter, bedding, toys, grooming tools, scratching posts, carriers, collars, vaccinations, and veterinary visits

Next, cat parents must devote a large chunk of their time and energy into caring for their new pet. There’s no skipping off for a weekend getaway without finding a cat sitter. Taking time to play with your cat or nurture them when they’re sick is also important. This investment in love and care is something pet parents must be prepared for beforehand, or their cats will suffer the consequences.

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2) Not Getting Cats Spayed or Neutered

There is currently an overpopulation of cats, meaning many cats end up in shelters and cannot find a home. To help curb this overpopulation, it is crucial that pet parents spay or neuter their cats as soon as possible. 

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3) Not Keeping Up with Litter Box Maintenance

Cat owners must scoop, clean, scrub, and replace their litter boxes regularly. When cats find out that their litter box is not being taken care of, they’ll often urinate outside of the box. Not only is annoying for you, but it can be unsanitary for your cat and your family. Regular litter box maintenance is a must.

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4) Not Visiting the Vet Regularly

Lastly, while it may seem like your cat is healthy and happy, it’s not uncommon for cats to hide their pain or discomfort, and regular vet visits are still essential. Many pet parents avoid this because they consider vet visits a nuisance, too expensive, or unnecessary. 

The truth is you should be taking your adult cat to the vet at least once a year to be checked. Sunset Veterinary Clinic is here to serve all your feline-care needs. If you are already a cat owner, call us today at (405) 844-2888 to book your annual pet checkup.

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