4 Fun Ways to Include Your Pet in Holiday Festivities

Gray Cat Under Christmas Tree
The holidays don’t just have to be for humans! Here are 4 ways to include your pets in the merriment this holiday season!

1. Say “cheese” (and “woof”!) together

Or meow! A great way to include your pets in the holidays is to snap a family photo with them. Whether it’s a picture you’ll be putting on a greeting card or just a memento of the season, you’ll be glad that you included your furry friends as well.

2. Let your pets indulge their “sweet tooth” too

Of course, we all know that dogs, cats, and other pets shouldn’t have sugar or sweets of any kind (it can be poison). But why not give them something they do like and can have to celebrate the season? You can even make them yourself — try these holiday treat recipes for dogs or these for your feline friends.

3. Travel together!

Most dogs love a good ride in the car — no matter where you’re going! Cats, maybe not so much. But if they’re into the ride, whether you’re off to a friend’s house for a get-together or family’s house for dinner (as long as pets are welcome), take your furry friends along. They’ll appreciate the outing!

4. Make sure everyone has a stocking this year

The good news here is they’re not hard to find! Or, if you have a crafty side, you might even consider making your own pet stocking. Inside, stuff things like chewies, treats, or useful things (a puppy toothbrush or a fur brush for cats, perhaps).

As you plan for the holidays this year, don’t forget your pets! The change in routine can sometimes mean problems for your furry friends — with new foods around, visitors and parties, precarious Christmas trees, New Year’s noise, candles everywhere, and other (sometimes surprisingly dangerous) decorations and treats.

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